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Our ultra-light facemask is made of three layers, including an integrated and certified filter ensuring anti-viral and anti-bacterial benefits. Finest organic cotton (GOTS certified!) provides total comfort on your skin, while a nose bridge wire easily adapts to different sizes for desired fit. Our eco-friendly packaging is made from recycled paper, along with a reusable carry bag out of biodegradable corn starch. Proudly made by our long-term partners in Portugal.

This product is a non-surgical facemask. Let's save those critical supplies for the frontline responders and healthcare workers.

Our Commitment

GoodGuise® was formed with the idea to create a product that was high quality, good value, really effective, and resulted in less waste.


Our signature multi-layered technology uses finest Organic Cotton on the outsides to provide maximum breathability and comfort, along with a hydrophobic filter layer in-between ensuring anti-viral and anti-bacterial features. Lab-tested and certified to provide 98.2% Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE), GoodGuise® masks successfully combine function and quality.

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At GoodGuise® we wanted to create a product that is gentle to the environment, while still maintaining outstanding quality. Our facemasks are entirely reusable and therefore minimize waste, compared to single-use masks. Our packaging is made from recycled paper and corn starch, which is biodegradable and compostable – a small step in the right direction. Furthermore, we’re proud partners with 1% for The Planet, supporting environmental non-profit organizations.

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At GoodGuise®, it is so important to us that our existence adds value to the planet, and doesn’t just take from it.


We designed these facemasks to bring a little style and a smile to everyone’s face (underneath your mask of course). More importantly, it‘s the right thing to do, protecting our fellow humans (young and old) and LOOKING OUT FOR EACH OTHER.

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Moral of the story? Wear a mask

So we might as well make sure you look and feel good in one of ours — really good.

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